Retail Fit Out & Design in Perth

At Easy Fitouts we have been working with some of Australia’s biggest retail chains for close to 15 years. We provide customised and affordable retail solutions aimed at boosting sales and improving the shopping experience for customers.

We’re Retail Fit Out Contractors that Deliver
On Time & On Budget

We can design and manufacture everything you need in a retail store; shelving, counters, graphics, flooring, lighting, change-rooms and fittings. We have successfully transformed retail stores in the hardware, garden, sports, camping and fishing, cleaning, toys, bulky goods, automotive and grocery industries.

At Easy Fitouts, our flexibility is second to none, as we design and custom build store fixtures to suit each individual customer. This places us at the forefront of retail design, allowing the greatest range of options whilst working within your project budget.

What We Do?

Although, on a surface level, the aesthetic appeal of a shop fitout might seem like the most important matter, Easy Fitouts knows it’s much more than that. In addition to looking great on a surface level, the development of a high-quality fitout also involves the careful consideration of how to make a space easy to navigate.

If customers come in and are immediately confused regarding how to actually move around your shop or restaurant, it is unlikely they’ll be excited to return.It is also important to be able to work effectively with a space – if you have an awkward area in which your fitout is to be applied, making sure the space is used in the most effective manner possible is crucial. If you end up working for the space, instead of it working for you, you end result will suffer.

Easy Fitouts are retail shopfitters who actually understand how to best approach spaces like this, and guarantee an effective approach every time.

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We are The Shop Fit Out People

Our retail fitouts services function perfectly because Easy Fitouts understands that a retail is not just an exercise in construction, it must function as planned well beyond the hand over.

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Why Choose Us?


We are proud of the innovative culture within our company, it gives our staff the confidence to offer you creative solutions for your fit-out.

Cost Efficiency

We run a very lean operation here at aci, allowing our clients to achieve cost efficiency when it comes to their project. We’ll help you maximise your budget.

Technology Focused

We love creating future-proof workspaces, implementing cutting edge technology to make your workspace smarter and more efficient.

Friendly Service

You will have a dedicated project manager providing a single point of contact throughout your works who will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

Retail Fit Out Designs

Some Retail Fit Out Designs to Stir Your Imagination.

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As a rough guide, the average cost for a fit-out is around $800 to $1250 per square meter.

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