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We are Perth fitout specialists and have vast experience in delivering all aspects of commercial office fitouts, regardless of their size or complexity. We happily take on projects of all sizes.Whether it’s just a single glass wall to partition an existing office, or a complete refurbishment of the entire corporate office space, we have the know-how and resources to deliver a perfect job on time, and on budget.


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  • Unique & Innovative

    We are a team of highly-skilled professionals trained to adhere with your most important requirements for office partitions, office fitouts, refurbishment and other construction needs.

  • Envirinmentally Friendly

    We really care about the environment, so we use only recycled materials. Our design are energy-efficient and carbon-neutral.

  • End-to-end Simplicity

    With us, the process is very simple. We agree on the final product, and the rest is up to us. You just relax and wait for us to finish! What can be more simpler?

  • Unmatched Passion

    Our team is passionate about interior fit-out, valuing the opportunity to create sensational interiors that delight the senses as well as provide the foundation for any successful commercial enterprise. No matter what type of fit-out you have in mind, you can rely on us to deliver exactly what’s needed for far less than you might imagine!

  • On Time & On Budget

    We are a leading office fitout company in Perth.We build cost-efficient, high-quality commercial and office fit outs, and we always strive to be professional and courteous. We have a lot of experience in the building industry and have many satisfied clients throughout Perth. We can beat written quotes from other fit out companies. Call us today for a no-obligation fitout quote.

    If you are on a tight budget, let us know and we will provide with a plan that you will surely agree on. Customer satisfaction is really important to us.

  • Increase Profits

    Our team boasts knowledge across the entire landscape of office and fitouts. From office design to construction we specialize in plaster partitions, glass partitions, ceilings, cabinets and joinery, workstations and furniture, all brought together by dedicated project managers.

    Services at a glance :

    • Complete Office Fitouts
    • Commercial Office Fitouts
    • Workplace Regeneration
    • Space Planning & Maximisation
    • Suspended Ceilings and Bulkheads
    • Fire Rated Systems
    • Partitions
    • Automation Doors
    • Lead Linings (Hospitals)
    • Floor Coverings
    • Workspace Solution
    • Filing Systems
    • Data & Hardware Requirements Painting 
    • Electrical
    • Painting

About Easy Fit Outs

Founded over 15 years ago, Easy Fitouts is a multidisciplinary team specialising in the management & execution of commercial, education & healthcare property works & facility maintenance.

Easy Fitouts is a Perth registered building practitioner holding a commercial license.  

What we do

Our trade specialists complete projects big & small, on time, on budget, safely & with seamless administration. We pride ourselves not just on execution, but also on administration & compliance, ensuring we make our client’s jobs as easy as possible.


Fit Out Designs

Some Fit Out Designs To Stir Your Imagination.

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As a rough guide, the average cost for a fit-out is around $800 to $1250 per square meter.

This depends on the job, so fill out the form below for a job-specific quote.

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    how to purchase the right furniture for your restaurant fit out

    How To Purchase The Right Furniture For Your Restaurant Fit-Out?

    This tutorial will explain why and how much better your restaurant will be if you put money into nicer furniture. ...
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    what do i need to know about fitting out a new gym

    What Do I Need To Know About Fitting Out A New Gym?

    A wide variety of gym fit-outs are also available nowadays, with rooms designed specifically for certain forms of exercise. Specialised ...
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    how to maximise space in small coffee shop fit outs

    How To Maximise Space In Small Coffee Shop Fit-Outs?

    In the bustling urban scene, where every square foot is a prime canvas, modest coffee shops are like quaint oases ...
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    what to consider while planning your medical fitout

    What To Consider While Planning Your Medical Fitout?

    There is constant evolution in hospital and healthcare interior design. It used to be common practice to maintain a sterile ...
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    how to choose the best colour for a restaurant fit out

    How To Choose The Best Colour For A Restaurant Fit-Out?

    The human brain's job is to help with eating and finding food. Colour isn't chosen randomly in the food and ...
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    how to create an eco friendly restaurant fit out

    How To Create An Eco-Friendly Restaurant Fit-Out?

    More and more restaurants are adopting eco-friendly practices. The environmentally conscious movement has reached the dining scene. The customers are ...
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    dental fit out what to take into account

    Dental Fit-Out: What To Take Into Account?

    The days of a clinical atmosphere, lengthy wait times, and several unpleasant experiences at the dentist are over. We can ...
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    why is a well organised pharmacy fit out important

    Why Is A Well-Organised Pharmacy Fit-Out Important?

    A well-organised pharmacy fit-out cannot be emphasised in the complex healthcare sector, where precision and accessibility are paramount. Pharmacy interior ...
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    what features must you include in your restaurant fit out

    What Features Must You Include In Your Restaurant Fit Out?

    Serving others is the primary focus of many different businesses in the hospitality industry. This service caters to the hospitality ...
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    what are typical interior fit out problems and how are they resolved

    What Are Typical Interior Fit-Out Problems And How Are They Resolved?

    It's been shown that a workplace's layout significantly impacts how productive its employees are. Everyone values a functional and aesthetically ...
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    how can a successful cafe fit out be planned

    How Can A Successful Cafe Fit Out Be Planned?

    Fit-out planning is generally the first step of would-be cafe proprietors as they take their ideas from the drawing board ...
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    what makes an effective office fitout dos and don'ts

    What Makes An Effective Office Fitout: Dos And Don’ts

    Commercial office fitouts involve many moving pieces that, if handled improperly, might result in lost revenue and legal trouble. We'll ...
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    why does branding matter in retail fitout designs

    Why Does Branding Matter In Retail Fitout Designs?

    No matter what field a company operates in, having a strong brand identity is essential to its success. Plenty of ...
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    retail fit outs which type of store layout is right for you

    Retail Fit-Outs: Which Type Of Store Layout Is Right For You?

    Despite the ongoing shifts in the consumer landscape, the retail sector's overarching objective of providing supply chain value and exceptional ...
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    office fit out how to create a collaborative workspace

    Office Fit Out: How To Create A Collaborative Workspace?

    Employees must work together on the layout and design when setting up an office. To ensure the final product is ...
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    how to maximise your cafe fitout's lighting

    How To Maximise Your Cafe Fitout’s Lighting?

    One of the most crucial parts of designing the atmosphere of a café or restaurant is choosing the appropriate lighting, ...
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    how can an office fitout improve your health and well being

    How Can An Office Fitout Improve Your Health And Well-Being?

    Daily time spent in the workplace, whether at a desk, in a meeting, or socialising with coworkers in the break ...
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    how to choose the right flooring for your retail fitout

    How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Retail Fitout?

    It's crucial to maintain brand consistency while creating an inviting and exciting atmosphere for customers in any size retail space. ...
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    how to select the right materials for an interior fit out

    How To Select The Right Materials For An Interior Fit-Out?

    When it comes to interior design, the selection of materials is not merely a matter of practicality; rather, it is ...
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    how can a small office fit out look bigger

    How Can A Small Office Fit-Out Look Bigger?

    Designing a space for a small workplace might be difficult. Making the most of your workspace is essential for productivity ...
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    how can you pick the ideal furniture for your office fit outs

    How Can You Pick The Ideal Furniture For Your Office Fit-Outs?

    As a business owner, you know how important it is for your physical location to make a good impression on ...
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    how to achieve a modern office fit outs

    How To Achieve A Modern Office Fit-Outs?

    Modern workplace layouts differ from their predecessors in prioritising collaboration, adaptability, and employee input. Designers for workplaces put their expertise ...
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    retail fit outs how color psychology impacts retail sales

    Retail Fit-Outs: How Color Psychology Impacts Retail Sales?

    Even though e-commerce has flourished recently, brick-and-mortar establishments are still frequently visited as a tourist attraction. Yes, it is far ...
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    ideas for cafe fit out what to consider

    Ideas For Cafe Fit-Out: What To Consider?

    Cafes are more than simply a place to get caffeine; for most people, they're also a place to recharge, relax, ...
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    how to organise a small bathroom fit out

    How To Organise A Small Bathroom Fit-Out?

    Small bathroom fit-outs have a unique appeal, but they may also be a source of constant frustration and stress due ...
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    how can retail fit outs enhance your customer’s experience

    How Can Retail Fit-Outs Enhance Your Customer’s Experience?

    Developing a place (often an office, retail, or commercial space) so that it is fit for use is known as ...
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    what benefits come with hiring a qualified shopfitting company

    What Benefits Come With Hiring A Qualified Shopfitting Company?

    The benefits of hiring a shopfitter are numerous. Hiring a shopfitter can improve your bottom line, give you room to ...
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    fit outs various types and construction process

    Fit-Outs: Various Types And Construction Process

    Fit-out describes the steps to get an indoor area ready for use. The extent of interior remodelling (or "fitting out") ...
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    how do office fit outs contribute to the growth of your business

    How Do Office Fit-Outs Contribute To The Growth Of Your Business?

    There are many factors to consider when discussing a firm's expansion, the generation of large amounts of revenue, or the ...
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    how to plan an affordable retail fit out

    How To Plan An Affordable Retail Fit-Out?

    The visual identity of a retail store should reflect the store's brand. It should serve as an extension of your ...
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    what types of materials are commonly used in cafe fit outs, and why

    What Types Of Materials Are Commonly Used In Cafe Fit-Outs, And Why?

    A cafe fit-out is a significant project that involves planning, designing, and transforming a space into a pleasant and functional ...
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    how can i make my restaurant fit out unique

    How Can I Make My Restaurant Fit-Out Unique?

    The modern restaurant industry is highly competitive; therefore, it's important to distinguish it through careful restaurant fit-out design.  The ambience, ...
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    is it necessary to hire a designer for a restaurant fit out

    Is It Necessary To Hire A Designer For A Restaurant Fit-Out?

    Many would-be restaurant proprietors and businesspeople starting in the industry wonder, "Is it necessary to engage a designer for a ...
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    what is a restaurant fit out, and why is it important for a new restaurant

    What Is A Restaurant Fit-Out, And Why Is It Important For A New Restaurant?

    The style & layout of your restaurant are among the most crucial choices you'll make when launching a new eatery. ...
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    how can retailers measure the success of their fit outs and design changes

    How Can Retailers Measure The Success Of Their Fit-Outs And Design Changes?

    Keeping up with the competition in the retail industry takes more than simply having a well-stocked store with high-quality goods; ...
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    what are the examples of interactive elements in retail fit outs

    What Are The Examples Of Interactive Elements In Retail Fit-Outs?

    The use of interactive features within store fit-outs has developed as an alluring tactic in contemporary retail for attracting customers ...
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    what are the common trends in retail space fit outs that attract modern shoppers

    What Are The Common Trends In Retail Space Fit-Outs That Attract Modern Shoppers?

    The retail industry is highly dynamic, and businesses must constantly adjust to meet the needs of their customers. The fit-out ...
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    what should i do if i encounter structural issues during the fit out

    What Should I Do If I Encounter Structural Issues During The Fit-Out?

    A challenging task that calls for careful analysis and immediate action when beginning a fit-out project is the discovery of ...
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    how should i handle structural issues during fit out

    How Should I Handle Structural Issues During Fit-Out?

    Planning a new store layout, restaurant remodel, or office fit-out is exciting. Nonetheless, amid all the excitement, the vital question ...
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    will you rebrand or update your shop signage during fit outs

    Will You Rebrand or Update Your Shop Signage During Fit-Outs?

    You may be at a crossroads in terms of whether or not to update the look of your store. During ...
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    installing new shop lighting

    Shop Fit-Outs: Installing New Shop Lighting?

    Are you prepared to make your store a model of chic efficiency? The mood of your store has a significant ...
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    do you need to replace shop flooring

    Fit-Outs: Do You Need To Replace Shop Flooring?

    Are you a store owner or manager who has been thinking about giving your establishment a facelift? You may have ...
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    what about accessible design

    Coffee Shop Fit-Outs: What About Accessible Design?

    Do coffee shops focus on providing high-quality beverages and a tranquil environment? Do you ever consider how helpful it might ...
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    how to improve the bathroom in your shop

    Shop Fit-Out: How to Improve the Bathroom in Your Shop?

    Do you run a store and want to provide your consumers with a better experience? The restroom is often the ...
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    how to make a coffee shop fit out relaxing and stress free

    How to Make a Coffee Shop Fit-Out Relaxing and Stress-Free?

    Artfully fusing aesthetics, utility, and ambience makes a coffee shop fit out successfully and conveys a sense of calm and ...
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    what are coffee shop fit out safety and security considerations

    What Are Coffee Shop Fit-Out Safety and Security Considerations?

    Coffeehouses have developed into lively communities where people chat, get work done, and unwind, rather than just someplace to get ...
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    what furniture makes coffee shop fit outs cosy and inviting

    What Furniture Makes Coffee Shop Fit-Outs Cosy And Inviting?

    Coffeehouses now serve as community hubs rather than merely locations for caffeine fixes. They've developed into multifunctional meeting spots where ...
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    what are some ways to make coffee shop fitouts memorable

    What Are Some Ways To Make Coffee Shop Fitouts Memorable?

    Designing a coffee business that leaves a lasting impression on customers requires more than just serving a tasty cup of ...
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    top design elements to consider

    Retail Fit-Outs: Top Design Elements to Consider

    Is a remodel of your storefront in the works? Your store's layout significantly impacts sales, whether you're an established merchant ...
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    boosting business with an eye catching retail fit out

    Boosting Business with an Eye-Catching Retail Fit-Out

    Have you ever entered a store completely taken by its decor, design, and atmosphere? It's not luck; it's the effect ...
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     why office fit outs are they important melbourne

    Is Sustainable Design Feasible For A Commercial Fit-Out?

    Is sustainable design doable for something like a commercial fit-out? It is an issue that keeps rising in importance in ...
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    regular office renovation

    How Long Does A Typical Commercial Fit-Out Process Take?

    The success of your company and the output of your staff may be affected by how long you take to ...
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    Retail Fit-Outs: Strategies for Attracting and Retaining Customers

    Have you ever been trying to understand the methods thriving companies use to draw in new clients and retain existing ...
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    gym fitout 4

    What Affects Gym Fit-Out Equipment Durability And Maintenance

    Are you sick and weary of dealing with broken weight benches and squeaky elliptical machines at the gym? Acquiring an ...
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    Accessprojects Cafe Fit Out 01

    How Can I Manage Cafe Fit-Out Finances?

    Do you long for the day when you may open the doors of your very own café, where the air ...
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    Shop Fit-Outs: Design Ideas for Different Business Types

    Are you prepared to make your company's space more inviting and useful so that it makes a positive impression on ...
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    How to Create a Multifunctional Space?

    Is enhancing the adaptability and efficiency of your business space a top priority? Commercial fit-outs can also benefit greatly from ...
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    The Role of Shop Fit-Outs in Establishing Your Brand Identity

    Have you ever entered a store and felt like you knew the brand even before you saw any of its ...
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    What Role Does Branding Play in the Design of a Shop Fit-Out?

    How crucial is store identity while planning a store's interior? Have you ever entered a store and just "knew" it ...
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    What Sustainable Design Practices Can Be Incorporated Into a Shop Fit-Out?

    Have you ever wondered how a store's layout affected the planet? How may environmentally friendly procedures be included in a ...
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    What Are the Key Shop Fit-Out Fixtures and Furniture Considerations?

    Have you ever entered a store and felt an instant kinship with the vibe? That's the power of an organised ...
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    Accessprojects Bar Fit Out 01

    What Are Some Clever Coffee Shop Fit-Outs Using Preserved Materials?

    Have you ever entered a coffee shop and felt an immediate bond with the atmosphere? The antique leather chairs and ...
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    what is cat a and b fit out (2)

    Retail Fit-Outs: How to Blend Online and Offline Shopping Experience?

    Have you ever been torn between the ease of purchasing from home and the fun of browsing in person? Online ...
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    Maximising Space: Intelligent Design For Shop Fit-Outs

    Is it becoming old to walk into a store and have products spilling out of every available space? Is it ...
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    Shop Fit-Outs: How to Ensure a Return on Investment?

    Have you ever entered a store and been captivated by its atmosphere to the point where you wanted to spend ...
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    Smart Layout And Design Planning For Commercial Fit-Outs

    Are you prepared to take your business space from "blah" to "wow," where productivity soars and impressions are made on ...
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    planning a cafe fit out

    How Can You Incorporate Technology Into A Coffee Shop Fit-Out?

    Have you ever visited a coffee shop and been impressed by how the buzz of technology coexists with the aroma ...
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    How Can You Make A Coffee Shop Pet-Friendly?

    Have you ever wished you could bring your pet to the coffee shop? Picture this: You and your furry friend ...
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    what are the most important aspects of shop fitout (3)

    Planning Your Retail Fit-Out: Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Is a storefront refit something you're thinking about? Be wary of succumbing to the temptation of a shiny new interior ...
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    Navigating Shop Fit-Outs: Key Steps for First-time Business Owners

    Are you a new entrepreneur about to start on the thrilling adventure of opening up shop for the first time? ...
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    How to Choose the Right Shop Fit-Out Contractor?

    Is a transformation of your store's appearance anything you're considering? The success of a store's new layout depends on hiring ...
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    the choice of furniture play in a cafe fit out

    Retail Fit-Outs: How to Use Them as a Marketing Tool

    Do you want to completely transform your store and win over customers like never before? It is essential in today's ...
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    How Does Restaurant Design Influence The First Impression On Customers?

    Do you remember the first time you stepped into a restaurant and felt completely at ease or enthralled by the ...
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    What Are The Factors Influencing Worker Productivity in Commercial Fit-Outs?

    Have you ever pondered the discrepancy between the productivity levels of workers in different offices? The aesthetics of commercial fit-outs ...
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    What You Can Expect to Gain from Hiring a Professional Shop Fitter?

    Have you ever walked into a store and been immediately lured in by the merchandise, the layout, and the general ...
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    How To Choose the Right Layout for Your Shop Fit-Out?

    Are you prepared to take your store to the next level, where it attracts more people and helps you make ...
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    What Are The Latest Trends In Shop Fit-Out Design?

    Have you ever entered a store and "knew" it was the right place for you? It's not a fluke; rather, ...
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    gym fitout 3

    How Can Common Gym Fit-Out Issues Be Overcome?

    Are you sick of running into the same issues with gym renovations repeatedly? You may have struggled with seemingly insurmountable ...
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    gym fitout

    How Does Space Optimisation Affect Gym Fitout Success?

    Have you ever strolled into a gym and pondered the difference between the wide, inviting atmosphere of some areas and ...
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    What Would A Modern Pharmacy Consider To Improve Customer Experience?

    Have you ever visited a drugstore and pondered ways in which it could serve its patrons better? Modern pharmacies are ...
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    How Can Lighting Design Affect Retail Shop Fit-Out Ambience And Sales?

    Have you ever entered a store and, even before touching the wares on display, had an emotional connection to them? ...
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    What Are The Key Shop Fit-Out Elements?

    Have you ever entered a store and felt an instant kinship with the vibe? That is not by chance. A ...
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    How Do You Balance Aesthetics With Functionality in a Shop Fit-Out Design?

    How do you strike a balance between form and function when designing a store interior? This is a question which ...
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    What Are the Potential Benefits of Using Sustainable or Recycled Materials in Shop Fit-Outs?

    Have you ever browsed a store and pondered its effect on the planet due to the materials used? The materials ...
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    What Are Some Cost-Effective Strategies for Creating an Eye-Catching Shop Fit-Out?

    Are you prepared to make your store a shoppers' paradise without emptying your bank account? In today's competitive retail market, ...
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    What Role Does Visual Merchandising Play in Shop Fit-Out Design?

    Have you ever been lured in by a shop because of the way its things are displayed, coloured, and laid ...
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    What Are Some Ways To Ensure A Shop Fit-Out Meets Local Building Codes?

    Have you ever entered a store with a stunning design and pondered the laborious processes that went into making it ...
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    Can You Give Shop Fit-Out Material and Finish Advice?

    Are you taking the plunge to open your store or just looking to spruce up your current retail establishment? If ...
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    essential lighting considerations for a cafe fit out melbourne

    What Are The Key Factors To Consider When Planning A Cafe Fit-Out?

    Establishing a prosperous cafe business begins with carefully considering the cafe fit-out plan.  Cafe fit-out refers to the process of ...
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    planning a cafe fit out

    How Can You Manage The Financial Aspects Of My Cafe Fit-Out Effectively?

    The cafe's fit-out is an exciting project because it promises a lively establishment where customers can meet, socialise, and enjoy ...
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    Benefits Of Professional Shop Fit-Out Designers

    Are you hoping to increase foot traffic and sales by transforming your store into a customer-pleasing paradise? If so, you've ...
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    essential lighting considerations for a cafe fit out

    What Are The Essential Lighting Considerations For A Cafe Fit-Out?

    In the world of café refurbishments, where every inch counts, lighting is paramount. Whether opening a brand new café or ...
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    the choice of furniture play in a cafe fit out melbourne

    What Role Does The Choice Of Furniture Play In A Cafe Fit-Out?

    The furniture used for a café is an essential but frequently disregarded part of the space's design and layout.  The ...
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     restaurant fit out melbourne

    Can I DIY A Restaurant Fit-Out?

    The decision to open a restaurant is an exciting one, ripe with possibility. Creating a gathering place where friends and ...
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     eco friendly options for restaurant fit outs

    What Are The Eco-Friendly Options For Restaurant Fit-Outs?

    The fit-out of a restaurant, which includes its design and construction, has a significant impact on the atmosphere, efficiency, and ...
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    melbourne regular office renovation

    What Are The Common Challenges That Businesses Might Face During A Commercial Fit-Out Process?

    Commercial fit-outs are crucial in the ever-changing corporate world since they include remodelling or redesigning a working area to meet ...
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     why office fit outs are they important melbourne

    Office Fit-Outs: Why Are They Important?

    Fitting out an office means planning its layout and design to maximise efficiency, productivity, and aesthetic appeal. The significance of ...
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     commercial fit out for a business melbourne

    What Are The Key Benefits Of A Well-Planned Commercial Fit-Out For A Business?

    The layout and utility of commercial areas are crucial in determining productivity, job satisfaction, and the company's performance in today's ...
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    functionality in an office fit out melbourne

    How Do You Balance Aesthetics With Functionality In An Office Fit-Out?

    The balance between form and function is of the utmost importance in today's office design. The topic "How do you ...
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     modern office fit outs

    What Role Does Technology Play In Modern Office Fit-Outs?

    The incorporation of technology in today's corporate landscape has transformed many areas of business. The subject of what part technology ...
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    regular office renovation melbourne

    Office Fit-Out: How Does It Differ From A Regular Office Renovation?

    The term "office fit-out" has become popular in workplace transformation, although the differences between it and regular office remodelling are ...
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    melbourne planning an office fit out project (1)

    What Are The Key Factors To Consider When Planning An Office Fit-Out Project?

    When designing a new office space, what are the most important considerations to remember? The answer to this question encapsulates ...
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    how to plan a shop fitout

    What Does Fit Out Include?

    The term "fit-out" is used to describe the procedure of preparing an indoor area for human habitation. Interiors of newly ...
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    what are the most important aspects of shop fitout (3)

    What Are The Most Important Aspects Of Shop Fitout?

    Is a new store opening soon in your plans? Have you had an inferior shop fitter give you second thoughts ...
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    what's the difference between fit out and renovation

    How Do You Decorate A Store?

    Making sure you're ready to open the doors is crucial. Which hues do you plan to employ? Where will your ...
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    what's the difference between fit out and renovation (3)

    How To Hire A Shop Fitter?

    The success of your retail establishment hinges on the expertise of the shopfitter you enlist to help you realise your ...
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    what is cat a and b fit out (2)

    What Is Cat A And B Fit Out?

    Without common definitions, the fit-out sector can be difficult to understand for anyone who isn't already well-versed in commercial real ...
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    what's the difference between fit out and renovation (3)

    What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Shopfitter?

    Employing a shopfitter can have numerous positive effects. If you're running a retail establishment, hiring a shopfitter can increase your ...
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    what's the difference between fit out and renovation (2)

    What’s The Difference Between Fit Out And Renovation?

    Both new construction and rehabilitation construction projects can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer and their ...
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    what are the shop fit out mistakes to avoid (2)

    What Are The Shop Fit Out Mistakes To Avoid?

    Your retail store's success is attributable exclusively to the calibre of the merchandise you stock, the prices you set, and ...
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    what are the tips for a successful shop fitout (2)

    What Are The Tips For A Successful Shop Fitout?

    One of the unanticipated difficulties you may encounter while entering the retail industry is fitting out the store. You still ...
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    how to plan a shop fitout

    How To Plan A Shop Fitout?

    For many proprietors, the opening of a brand new store is the realisation of a lifelong ambition. It's important to ...
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    how much does a shop fitout cost (3)

    How Much Does A Shop Fitout Cost?

    The average cost of a fit-out is among the most frequently requested enquiries we get. We've compiled this material based ...
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